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Other Solutions

Ease your BUSINESS, Ease your LIFE

Fingerprint Time Management System

Want to save time while managing and organizing the leave schedule for your staff? Then Click Fingerprint time attendance management system will always make it easier for you. Integrated with SQL Payroll, UBS Payroll, Auto Count Payroll and many more.

DMS E-filling Management System

Going paperless just got easier

Our document management suite is an easy-to-use and affordable Electronic Document Management System for enterprise business application and high-end information management.

Hotel Management System

ABS Hotel software solution is an easy to use Front Office System which handle daily hotel operation from customer registration, room reservation to check-out billing processing.

Library Management System

Improving Management of Library Collections

Use LibMas to facilitate the efficient management of library collections and membership services.
LibMas main functions include:

  • Acquisition of library materials
  • Cataloging of library materials
  • Management of memberships
  • Borrowing of library materials
  • Reservation of library materials
  • Management of periodicals
  • Online inquiries on availability of library materials
  • Generation of statistical reports

Serverlink Remote Access Private Cloud Hosting


Simply setup ServerLink into any PC or server to make the application remote accessible for branches or work from home.

Most Affordable Software for to make any Windows Application such as Accounting System/ Inventory / ERP to be Remote Accessible from Multi Branch, Smartphone, Tablets. It also print to any models of printers on remote site.


A high-end PC-based solution. The queue server will be able to support up to 20 departments. Each department can have up to 32 services and 60 counters. The system is network compatible, this means each department can be located at different building or even different geographical area which are connected throught LAN or INTRANET. Provide Real-time queue status mornitoring.